Dessert – 10 Amazing Patriotic Desserts- Many No-Cook Recipes

flag cake balls

What a great idea for simple cake balls, it is all in how they are arranged

patriotic pie

Yum M and M’s Cream Cheese and Pie, Check out this recipe 

patriotic pop cupHome Made Popsicle s, easy and fun

straw 2

Simple strawberries Hulled and filled with whipped cream and a Blueberry


Simple Strawberries dipped in icing and colored sugar.


Red, White and Blue Cake Recipe 

cupcakes one

It is all in how you arrange simple colored cupcakes,  This makes the American Flag

patriotic cupcakes fruit

More simple icing and some blueberries and strawberries, light, fresh and patriotic

fruit kabobs

How about Fruit KaBobs?  Just takes a little Marshmallow and Strawberries and Blue Berries

layered jello

Layered Jello always LOOKS amazing if you have the patience to make it look even, I never could manage this trick.

Well those are our Top 10 Patriotic Desserts, I hope you find one to Adorn your table and Enjoy at your Holiday Party!

Looking for an entire Meal for the holiday?  Check this out!

Be Safe!  Drink Responsibly