Dessert – OMG Cheesecake Bites


This is the most mouth watering, easy, always a HUGE HIT dessert.

9×13 cake pan greased
Pillsbury Crescent rolls 2 packs
1 cup sugar
2 packages cream cheese
1tsp of vanilla

Grease pan
Open unroll and flatten one package of crescent rolls, lay in bottom of pan.

Mix cream cheese , one cup of sugar and vanilla then spears
Evenly over crescent rolls.

Open unroll and flatten 2nd package of crescent rolls, lay on top of cream cheese mixture.

Mix 3/4 cup sugar, one stick of butter melted and 1tsp of cinnamon then pour over top

Bake 30 min at 350 degrees

Cut into squares when cooled

Then sit back and relax and enjoy the compliments